okay u can make fun of Shrek all you want but if u don’t think they were the most beautiful fucking movies ever then ur wrong



this looks like the buffet of food from Spirited Away, where I don’t know what ANY of it is, but it looks AMAZING

holds back tears*


So I had just started to draw again I showed a friend who I respected art wise what she thought and she told me she couldn't tell me bc she hates anime (it wasn't anime. That's just my style) when I asked why she said bc it's a shit art form and that basically people who can't draw draw anime. It really hurt, and I'm not sure if she said that to hurt me or it was honestly just her opinion. I've kinds lost my drive since then....



OH MAN dude lemme tell you a thing.

I felt the exact same way as you did, pretentious shitheads in high school and incoming freshman love to shit on the “anime” style because they feel it’s formulaic and unoriginal, but you could say the EXACT SAME THING for animation students that are all about Pixar and Disney. I’ve known many peers who’ve shat on the anime art style but then turn around and try to create carbon copies of pixar or disney and it’s honestly pathetic. (Mind you I’m not shitting on Disney/Pixar either - they’ve got many diverse and wonderful artists too - I just want to point out it’s kind of hypocritical when these students are doing the exact same thing that they claim anime-inspired artists are doing). I basically tried to change up my style and move away from anime-inspired work, but anime was what made me want to draw, it’s what inspired my style and really what always makes me want to keep drawing. I found when I tried to change my style because of what certain peers disliked and because I felt I would be judged I ended up feeling less and less motivated to draw. So I reached a point where I simply stopped caring what they said and continued to work and improve on my foundations and my style (outside of constructive critiques of course - which are very important!)

To say you hate “anime” is to basically say you hate Japanese animation - which is such a huge variety of styles that honestly it’s ignorant and arrogant to pull that kind of shit even if you’re not a fan of anime.

I’m assuming most of the people who say that have the idea of Christopher Hart as their head example of what anime is aka the fish eyes, bad proportions, and terrible anatomy -


Or Clannad -


But then they forget how diverse anime can be -

From the beauty of Studio Ghibli


Or Sushio’s dynamic style


Or Shirow Miwa’s strong linework and extremely interesting and provoking compositions (you can see the fullsize here)


If your friend is actually an artist she needs to pull her head out of her ass and learn to respect another country’s art form.

If you ever look at the magazine ImagineFX you can see many many professional artists that have an anime-influenced style - and wow look! They’re still successful! 

Let me tell you, my portfolio had quite a few anime-esqe pieces in it - and you know what? They didn’t comment on that or note it as an issue! And despite my iffy GPA transferring from Ringling they still accepted me and gave me a very nice scholarship because my portfolio was strong!

When I was at Ringling my professors never gave me flack for my style, what they cared about was the quality of my work and the ideas I illustrated. If you have strong foundations behind your style it doesn’t matter if it’s anime, cartoon, realistic, alternative, etc! What matters is that you make quality artwork, you’re able to get your ideas across, move people, or whatever your goal is for what you make! The professionals know that there’s a large array of art styles, and you can definitely choose to favor or dislike one, but to throw an entire blanket statement of “all anime is shit” then you’re really not ready to be a professional artist. 

I hope that helps! Maybe you should print out a bunch of pictures of different anime styles and ask her if she still thinks they’re all talentless hacks. (o:

Thought I’d post this over here since I’m sure a lot of other people struggle with this too!

being frustrated on an empty stomach is not a good thing OTL


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I am NOT a feminist because:




Not all people are women and not only women are worth fighting for. That is why I am a humanist.

Why isn’t everybody like this. Fuck feminism fuck mal-inism. Love humanity

Exactly how I feel. It seems like so many people are trying to prove that one sex has it worse than the other to prove they need fighting for. That’s not how it is. Everyone needs fighting for. Everyone’s rights matter.

"We’re not saying you can change them,
'cause people don't really change.”

…and then there’s Phillip.



I’m merely 19 with a glass kokoro.



This is one of my favorite little comics on here.

Wow, this is exactly how I feel about life.









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